August 2012

Le Garage Sale!!!

 For all you shoppers who LOVE sales, come visit us at Le Garage Sale at the Palmer Events Center Aug 25-26th! We will have a great selection of jeans, sweaters, shoes, dresses, accessories,etc. at insane prices! You don't want to miss this event! If you can't make it to the event swing into the store to checkout what we'll be taking to Le Garage before hand! See you THERE!

Falling in love with FALL!

 Okay, So it's still hot here in Texas, but we are seriously drooling over the pieces we've gotten in for fall! All of them are wearable for now, even in the heat. A few months from now, when it cools down these pieces can be paired with an oversized sweater or leather jacket and you're ready to rock for fall!

Check out the pictures below, and you'll be drooling too!

How amazing is this dress by Mason? The leather details on the shoulders are to die for! This dress is perfect by itself or paired with leather leggings! Throw on some leather booties (maybe the Joie ones below?) and you're ready to go!

-Ester Gamez neckalces

Perhaps this Joie bootie is what you're missing in your closet? Perfect heel, perfect ankle height. We're lovin' this bootie!

This Heather top is so unqiue and can be worn with SO many different pieces, we're obsessed. The hi/low detail is a killer look with leggings, jeans, printed jeans (like the Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Feather print pictured above) or on top of bandage dress! We love that it's sheer too, add a little sexy to any outfit with this top!

-Ester Gamez neckalces and bracelet

All of these items are currently in stock, and we're getting new stuff daily! Come see us! Don't miss out on these amazing pieces!