Remedies For Scars On The Skin


Scars are basically as a result of injuries like burns, lacerations or small cuts. Other causes of scars can be stretch marks due to significant changes in weight or pregnancy, incision when you undergo surgery or acne. Scars may protrude or be flat. Scars can prove difficult to live with more so if they are in exposed parts of your body like the hands and face. This is why many people struggle to find a way of doing away with scars.

Ways to eliminate scars from your skin


Vitamin E

Most people have reported improvement in scars after using vitamin E creams or oils regularly. There is anecdotal evidence suggesting that this vitamin is good for your skin and effectively aid in the fading of marks and scars. Most people have come up with different responses hence it may not work for you. However, there is no harm in trying to using vitamin E creams reduce scars.

Cocoa butter

This is considered a natural moisturizer which penetrates deep into your dry skin hence making it softer and smoother. It is rich in vitamin E thus aids the repair of your skin, fade discoloration as well as treat scar tissues. It is very effective for stretch marks during pregnancy if applied after every bath for a period. Exfoliate your skin using a wet washcloth then rub cocoa butter generously on the areas affected.


Lemon juice of full of alpha hydroxyl acids that help in rejuvenating the skin as well as improving its elasticity. This acid also removes damaged and dead skin cells that allow new cells to emerge. Clean the affected areas then apply lemon juice using a cotton ball then rinse with water. Even drinking lemon juice for two weeks can have a positive effect on the affected skin.

Raw honey

Raw honey is a natural anti-bacteria and moisturizer that fades scars and remove and heals them as well. Honey also facilitates the regeneration of your skin. Mixing honey with baking soda and using the mixture to massage the scar for five minutes. Place a washcloth dipped in hot water on the affected area before wiping completely.

Onion juice extract

Onion contains anti-inflammatory compounds which make it useful in reducing and preventing scarring by slowing the rate of collagen formation. Rub onion in gel form on the scar every day for several months to do away with a scar.


skincareleftsdfghCucumber paste that can be home made usually helps to hydrate your scarred skin and soften it. It is also useful to relieve irritation on the most skin. Put cucumber juice on the scarred skin or use a slice of raw cucumber to heal the scar after some time.

These home remedies can effectively help you get rid of scar that can be a menace and cause self-esteem issues.