Cosmetic Tattoo Procedure For Permanent Eyebrows


Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is an important step in the reconstruction of a person’s face after a traumatic accident. However, it can be done for patients with sparse eyebrows or those that do not want to apply makeup on a daily basis. In most instances, they are women who are concerned about the manner their eyebrows appear. Remember that some people are allergic to cosmetics and others have poor eyesight. This means that they cannot apply makeup appropriately. This explains why an eyebrow tattoo is a great option. Usually, it is a permanent procedure that is done mainly for cosmetic purposes.

Eyebrow tattoo tips

Finding a surgeon

ytgwed6cwe7du28i22Finding a qualified and licensed technician to carry out cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is quite difficult for patients. A lot of people claim that they have the skills and qualification needed to complete the procedure, when their experience is mainly based on body tattoos. Remember that this is a subtle art, which makes a technician to carry out cosmetic eyebrow tattooing professionally. In fact, it requires a lot of experience to make your permanent eyebrows appear natural. Fortunately, it is possible to find an eyebrow tattoo artist. You can speak with your colleagues and friends to find out if they know an artist who is reputable.

Ideal candidates

Are you an ideal candidate for this cosmetic procedure? To qualify, you need to have excellent health and have realistic expectations of this procedure. Remember that this procedure will not make the area appear completely natural. However, it will make your appearance more balanced and refined. If you are sensitive or allergic to makeup, have hair loss, and other disorders or you do not have adequate time for makeup, then you are a great candidate for cosmetic eyebrow tattooing.


tgwedfc6hwd7u22During the initial consultation, you and the artist will discuss possible outcomes of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Most artists have photos of past patients. This will offer you an idea of what to expect. The artist will examine your eyebrow area and consider whether what is done with cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is possible. Anesthesia options and risks will be discussed during this initial consultation. Also, a complete medical history is required.


Eyebrow tattoo is simply the injection of vegetable products into the skin. Tiny needles are used to inject coloring. Usually, this procedure lasts about an hour depending on nature of work done. After the procedure is complete, you will be cleaned, and a cream applied. For good results, the procedure should be done by hand instead of electric needles.…