How To Choose Blonde Hair Highlights


If you want to add highlight to blonde hair, then there are some things you need to put into consideration. The best highlights are dependent on factors like the natural hair, skin tone, and health of hair. To create the best natural result, you have to choose more than one highlight colors. When you have decided on the highlight color to use, you need to settle on the thickness, density, and placement. These factors help you determine if the highlights will transform you hair color completely or add depth to your hair color.

Factors to consider to get the best blond hair highlight


Skin tone

The color of highlight you choose should look good with your skin tone. Your skin tone is considered warm if you have olive, golden or dark skin and eyes. Against such a skin tone, you blond hair highlight should be strawberry undertones, caramel or golden. A cool skin tone is when you have fair skin and light eyes. This skin tone is enhanced by choosing platinum of ash blonde highlights.

Natural hair color

If the condition of your hair is not very good, then it may be damaged more should you go for a color which is lighter than your hair by two shades. You should select a color that is just a little lighter than your natural hair color if you want your highlight to look natural. If you need dramatic results, then color that is significantly lighter will be suitable.

Creating dimensional highlights

To create dimensional hair highlights, you should choose two or more different colors with one shade is lighter, and the other is two shades lighter than the natural hair. This will help to add extra dimension and blend in your choice of highlight. If your hair is very light blonde, add streaks or low-lights of a darker blonde.

Highlight thickness and density

Thick blonde highlight help to create dramatic effect whereas thinner ones help you look natural. The amount of the highlight you use will have an impact on your look. The heavier your highlights, the more blonde the hair will turn out to be.

Placement of the highlight

haircarerightsdfghjkThere are various ways you can choose to lace you highlight. It may be restricted to the top layer, evenly distributed on your hair or close to the face. Highlights that look are more polished are those that are evenly distributed on the hair. Other that look natural are those limited to the layers at the top. Highlights around your face help to draw attention to the facial features.

Considering these factors before adding a highlight to your blonde hair will help you get the best blond hair highlight that suits your hair.